We’ll Miss You!

Horses come and go at Windrush all the time, when they leave it is to go to a home that is more suited to their needs and happiness. Unfortunately two horses of the Windrush herd will be leaving soon. Brecon, who has been at Windrush since ­­­2010, is sadly leaving us. Brecon misses his long trail rides with his former rider and finds working in the ring to be boring. He will be returning to his former owner where he will be able to go on long trail rides and enjoy lots of love and TLC. We will miss Brecon’s friendly face around here but he will be very happy in his new home!

Another horse who is sadly leaving is Chief. Chief, who came to Windrush in 2008, is looking for one person who can be his person and take him on long trails rides and continue jumping him, both of which he loves to do. Chief is the type of horse that will excel with one person who is willing to give him lots of love and attention.  Right now Windrush is in the process of finding the perfect home for him and making sure that he will be happy wherever he goes. Windrush will miss Chief’s sparkling personality and sweet disposition but we know that he will be happier somewhere else.