February Clinics at Windrush Farm: Learn Something New!

Clinics During The Month of February


Free volunteer training on mounts and dismounts (open to past and current volunteers): Take the mystery out of mounts and dismounts by joining us for this volunteer continuing education opportunity. You will work hands on with the horse and each other to learn standard mounts and dismounts used in lessons, including how to use the lift. Our goal is to increase your comfort level with the mounting and dismounting process while increasing your understanding of the dynamics of the process so you are better able to assist clients and instructors. Pam Skinner, Instructor, will be offering this training on Monday Feb. 11, Monday Feb. 18, and Monday Feb. 25 from 1-2pm each day. (Minimum of 3 participants per training, maximum 6 participants.)
Free volunteer training on emergency procedures in lessons (open to past and current volunteers): An in-depth look at the emergency procedures instructors review at the start of the fall and spring sessions. Learn what to do in the case of an emergency dismount, an injury, a lose horse, bees on a trail ride, and other unexpected situations. You will have hands on practice simulating what to do in these situations and plenty of time for any questions you might have. Jenna Nowosacki, pProgram Director and Instructor, will be offering this training on Tuesday Feb. 5, Tuesday Feb. 12, Tuesday Feb. 19, and Tuesday Feb. 26 from noon to 1:00pm each day. (Minimum of 3, maximum of 6 participants per training due to hands on nature of thisclinic.)
Basic First Aid with Barn Manager, Megan Piermarini: Especially recommended for barn coordinators or those who are interested in generally increasing their knowledge of horses. Learn the basic signs of a healthy horse and when to call the vet, as well as general wound care and common illnesses. Megan will be offering this clinic on Thursday Feb. 7, Thursday Feb. 14, Thursday Feb. 21, and Thursday Feb. 28 from 11:00am to noon each day. (Minimum of 3, maximum of 5 participants per training due to hands on nature of this clinic. $25 per participant.)

February Vacation Only

Games on the Ground with Horses: Want to increase your knowledge of horsemanship in a new fun way? Join Joyce Copland, Instructor, for an hour of play with our very own Windrush horses! Learn how you can use non-verbal cues to improve your communication with horses through a series of games for you and a Windrush horse. Come gain a whole new perspective on the possibilities of interacting with horses! This clinic is being held on Tuesday February 19th from 10:45am to 11:45am, and a second time from 1-2pm. (Minimum of 3 participants, maximum of 5 participants due to hands on nature of this clinic. $25 per participant.)
Free volunteer training on horse-handling and side-walking — open to past and current volunteers (no horse experience necessary!): Want to brush up on your horse-handling skills or take a first try at horse-handling? Have questions about side-walking that you would like answered? Join Gina Armano, Volunteer Coordinator, for this free volunteer continuing education refresher course on Wednesday Feb. 20th from 9:30am-10:30am. This is also a great lead-in to the Ins and Out of Turn-out clinic the same day at 11:00am. (Minimum of 3 participants.)
The Ins and Outs of Turnout: Learn more about turnout, not just how to handle the horse, but also about turnout safety and herd dynamics. You will have an opportunity to help with turnout during this class, as well as learn much more about managing turnout on a 40 acre farm with 25 horses. Workshop is taught by Jessica Barry, who is a Volunteer Coordinator and a Weekend Supervisor at Windrush Farm. This clinic is being held on Wednesday Feb. 20th from 11:00am to noon. (Minimum of 3 participants per training, maximum of 8 participants. $25 per participant.)
Lunging and Long-lining with Mandy Hogan: Learn how to ground drive a horse using long lines! Long lining is an excellent method for training horses, helping to improve their flexibility and conditioning. It allows the horse to learn without a rider, and gives a rider the opportunity to develop a feel for the horse from the ground. Historically, many hippotherapy programs use long lining as an alternative method of leading a horse. You will improve your horse handling skills and learn more about horse training. This workshop is taught by Mandy Hogan, executive director and master therapeutic riding instructor. This clinic is being held on Friday Feb. 22nd from 11:00am to noon. (Minimum of 3 participants per training, maximum of 5 participants. $25 per participant.)